All Eyes On DJ Funk Daddy's Choice


#1. How did you discover Hott N Funky Radio?
My sister Bridget aka OnlyinCJ

#2. How long have you been a part of Hott N Funky Radio?
Just over a year now

#3. What is your favorite memory at Hott N Funky Radio?
There are many but if I had to pick 1, I’d have to say the snowball fights with Jaded

#4. What are your favorite styles, genres, & eras of music?
Oldies, Motown, soul, classic rock, jazz, easy listening

#5. What are some of your other hobbies & interests?
Reading, word puzzles, shooting pool, swimming & my kitties

#6. Were you attracted to the station by any certain DJ and if so, who was it?
It’s a tie between DJ_Epic & DJ_Funkdaddy

#7. Is there a certain style of music or theme of a show that you would like to hear more of?
Can’t do enough oldies shows in my opinion; also LOVE DJ_Funkdaddy’s “Crusin’ on a Sunday Afternoon” shows!

Optional Question- If there’s anything else about yourself or your experience at Hott N Funky Radio that you’d like to share with your DJ family & listeners, please do!

I’d like to say welcome to the new DJ’s – you’re doing a great job!! And I like to thank ALL the DJ’s for putting in their time & keeping us rockin’!! Love Love Love Protection Status