Agreement: By submitting this application, You agree that the above information is accurate to the best of your ability
and that it serves as your digital signature acknowledging and agreeing to the following:

  1. 1. The position of DJ is a Volunteer Position.
  2. 2. You must be A Team Player.. we all work together here to make it fun and inviting for the listeners
  3. 3. You must be courteous and respectful towards others.. people in our chat and people who are tuned in as well as our ALL OUR SPONSORS
  4. 4. Songs between the hours of 6am to 9pm must be free of the "F" word and anything overly sexually explicit.. 9pm to 6am you can play most anything however Racial Music is NOT Allowed EVER!
  5. 5.You agree to play ANY and ALL song requests EVEN if you don't like the song.
    (Racial Music NOT Allowed EVER!)
  6. 6. No Drama in our chat.. league rooms or over the air or ANY kind of Internet Cyber Bullying with our staff or listeners!
  7. 7. Check in with the DJ on air 30 min before your start time and have your pages loaded no later then 15 min till. If the DJ on air does not hear from you before 15 min till the start of your show and it has not already been prearranged the DJ on air has the right to keep it if they so choose. SOO BE ON TIME AND CHECK IN 30 MIN BEFORE.
  8. 8.If you cannot make your scheduled show you must let the owners know asap (24 hrs before is preferred) so that we can find a replacement for your show you must let all 4 owners know if u cannot make your show DJ Funkdaddy, DJ Sweett Desire, DJ Rebel Ryder, DJ Epic.
  9. 9. You agree to contact Admin for Any Radio Specials you would like to broadcast, under the Guidelines of StreamLicensing.
    (If you are Unsure of these Guidelines Please Contact any of our owners DJ Funkdaddy, DJ Sweett Desire, DJ Rebel Ryder, DJ Epic)
  10. 10. You agree to tag your music properly 'Artist' - 'Title' - 'Album' (if you have it) (Wikipedia or works wonders to look them up)

And Above ALL, You agree to Have Fun and Enjoy DJing

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